Best discounts on Splinterlands Cards

You heard right, CardAuctionz has the best discounts out there with a 3.25% cash back reward on all of your card purchases. That's not all though.. CardAuctionz also offers awesome tools, an active community, and the best discounts around. Did I say that already?

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

We get it, sometimes navigating all of the different tools out there can be a drag. That is why we plan to offer all of the tools you need for the best Splinterlands experience all-in-one place.

Splinterlands Market

A convenient Splinterlands market and I know you might be tired of hearing it, with 3.25% cash back!


Splinterlands rentals with all of the awesome discounts you already enjoy on our market.

Rent-a-league tool

(In the works) Tired of your same-old same-old ranked division? Why not up yourself into the next with our auto renting tool?

Pack discounts

(In the works) Use your sweet CAC earnings to earn discounts on Splinterlands card packs.

Time-limited Card Auctions

(Coming soon) Auction your cards with the ability to set your own reserve price, timeframe, and more. Let the bidding wars begin!

CAC Rewards

(Coming soon) Using our market and other features will earn you CAC, which can be used for even deeper discounts on our platform or exchanged for DEC.

Stats tools

(Planned) Ever wondered which splinters, cards, or summoners win you the most games? Analyze your gameplay with our planned stats tools.

Mobile app

On the long term docket, we eventually plan to offer an even better to use mobile experience.